Have I told you lately?

Nursing School! Do not let anyone tell you that it is easy. I have worked in the medical field most of my life. So none of it is hard, but there is so much of it. I feel so sorry for the young ones in the class who have no real life experience or medical experience.

We have just taken the exam for our 5th week. We have 10 weeks of exams and then a month of clinicals. So we are not even half way through yet.

Several of us were talking the other day and we all have the same thing going on. Our spouses are beginning to feel unappreciated. They all are acting out in different ways. Some are getting mad, some are picking little fights. Some are just plain getting whiney. Mine included. I am not saying this to be mean, just an observation.

So I told my younger friends (yes, they are all younger than me), that our spouses are indeed putting up with a lot. I know that I walk around the house with a glazed over look, I am not hearing half the things he says because I am trying to remember which O2 mask delivers what percentage of oxygen.

I have also been keeping up with my backyard farm and farming friends. I taught at a conference this last weekend, and I clean the house, and go grocery shopping.

I also told my nursing school friends that it is important to take the time to pet our spouses, pay attention to what they are saying, or just tell them the things that they need to hear.

So I am starting us all out-Steve this is for you.





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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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