Witch Doctors? Really?


My Chiropractor-isn't he cute?

My Chiropractor-isn’t he cute?

I was 16 when a horse that I was riding reared up and fell over backwards…on top of me. Since then, I have had issues with my hip. The older I got, the worse it got. High heels are only for very special occasions these days. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for me either. Most of the jobs that I have had forced me to spend my day sitting at a desk. For years, ibuprophen has been my friend.  But not any more. When I worked at Cigna, I had a co-worker who was a chiropractor. I kept hearing that some in the medical profession considered chiropractic care useless. I even heard one  doctor refer to chiropractors as witch doctors. I finally started seeing this chiropractor as a patient. Boy, am I happy that I did. I have been seeing him once a month ever since. When the month is over, my body reminds me that it is time to see him again.

Now that I have to spend so much time sitting again (school, study, research and more study); I have found that I need to see him more often. I even had to make an emergent appointment with him yesterday.

The good  news is now that I am in nursing school, I have learned that most medical people are finally accepting chiropractic as “complementary medicine”. Well, I am sure that my friend “the chiropractor” is happy to know that he is no longer my friend “the witch doctor”.



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