Chickens for All…

..who want them.

I have been trying to study today. But after last night’s activities I cannot get my head into these boring books. So, I will take some time off this morning.

Farmer Galen, Senator and Mrs. Farnsworth and me.

Farmer Galen, Senator and Mrs. Farnsworth and me.


I have been working at the state level; with a friend who is a farmer and another friend who is a district senator; to get chickens off the outlawed list in our state-and restore the right to own a handful of hens in our backyards. We have been at this for months. We now have a Facebook page with about 900 hundred members, there has been radio and media coverage-and finally a couple of large backyard farming groups are ready to throw in with us. I have also been quoted preforming the “egg song” ( in a town council meeting) in our city’s largest paper. When I am teased with a rooster crow; I just cackle right back and preform a chicken dance. I actually had someone at school ask me if I was “the chicken lady”. When I said “Yes” I received a bow of respect. Cool.

But we are hitting the big leagues now. The HOAs are gearing up and sending out newsletters against what we are doing.  It is not the residents of HOAs; it is the management companies who are concerned that they may loose some of the control that they have over us. (Hmm.) People, this is real. We need support! Please come and ask to join at to get notifications on what to do to help. We are not asking for money. The few people that are doing most of the work (you know how that goes), are volunteers. But we need people to send emails, and make phone calls. Even if you live in Florida, you can help. Politicians vote to trends and pressure.

Last night District Senator Dave Farnsworth, came with us to the Gilbert Town Council meeting. This was the grand finale to several planning meetings that we have attended. After much discussion and deliberation, the Council voted to allow up to 5 hens in backyards 6,000 sq ft or larger, as long as they are not bound by their HOA-CC&Rs.

I do not know where you live. But this is not just a city or state issue. Our group is prepared to move. If we take the state, then we will share our experience with other states. If we don’t get the state, then we will go city by city, and come back to the state at the next session.

Here is an example of one of the coolest letters that our friends are writing to their Representative.

I am in favor of the basic right to grow your own food.  One should be sensitive to the feelings of his/her neighbors, but I am very concerned that families OF ALL KINDS be allowed to grow food and raise chickens.  It is no concern of the government to tell me if I can or can’t do this.  It is my right.

Because of this belief, I am in favor of SB1151.  Please vote to pass it. 


A normal mom with a few normal kids doing a normal thing – raising a few chickens for eggs (which are yummy in cookies, sandwiches and salad). Thank you.”

I  am so hyped! I think I just wet my plants:) So come on over and join us, see how you can help. Soon, maybe you can have backyard chickens too (if you want them).


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Chickens for All…

  1. Joe Mammino says:

    We in Mesa, az, want the right of our forefathers to be able to grow our own food.

  2. well minded says:

    Great post, Donna! Thanks for all of your hard work. I will share and support!

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