Blood Oranges and Nursing School

I received a few messages asking if I was still alive in blogger land.

Yes dear friends. I am here. But, I started Nursing school. It is a lot of work. It is a hybrid class, so I am only at the school two days per week, but I spend the rest of my time working on interactive study sites and with my head buried in hugely thick books. A friend of mine said that I was a caged butterfly. That is just how I feel. Truly, though I can see that; before you know it, this time will be behind me. I still feel sorry for myself. Poor Donna:) Don’t give in to me and feel sorry for me though, I will have fun with the new people that I meet at school. It is just that I would rather be doing work around here.

Spring break s next week, so stay tuned as I clean out my freezers. Yikes! Now that is a scary topic!

When I decide to plant another (some) orange tree(s), I will make sure to plant a Blood Orange.

See the difference?

See the difference?

Though they are not as easy as a navel to peel; they are beautiful, they are sweet and they are different. I like different!

A dear friend of mine gave me a bag of them. Steve and I ate several, then I juiced them.

Into the freezer they go with the Valencia juice that I squeezed.

Blood Orange Juice

Blood Orange Juice

By the way, orange peels are not great for the compost pile, but the chickens and goats love to eat the left over pulp out of them. Then I pick the remainder up after a couple of days, because they just get hard and look a bit trashy.

So, I will go back to my flash cards now. Ta ta!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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