Senate Bill 1151

Do you remember School House Rock?

Do you remember School House Rock?

So I  have shared with you my involvement with local politics. If you are not interested, please feel free to skip this post. If you are against what we are doing, I understand, we can still be friends.

I have gone down to the city and spoken with our leaders and found that because our city is 82% HOAs, our City Council bows to the HOA management companies. Not because they truly represent the residents who live in them, but because they are working for the HOA boards. Those are the people with the money, so they make the rules. Pretty simple, where there is  a lot of money, there are a lot of lawyers and political power. This really concerns me, because what that means is that people who live in the same city, that did not choose to be governed by an HOA are  still being governed, not by the City Council, but by the HOAs.

So we took it to the state. Thankfully, the Senators have a higher knowledge of how this works. This last week the Arizona State Senators voted 29-1 for our bill. The one senator that voted “no” is my district senator, and I have written him a very nice letter, and hope to visit with him in person soon.

Here is what I have shared with him. The residents who live in HOA’s really do not care to control what the traditional residents are doing. That is pretty much it. Oh, there are some that would like to control the world, and keep others from doing something different. We all have experienced “the nosey neighbor”. But deep down, we know that we are not all the same. I also know that there people that prefer to live in the safety of a quiet retirement village. But this new law, will only effect the traditional neighborhoods. It will not effect the HOAs and retirement villages.

It is very exciting to be a part of something like this. It makes me realize that we need to wake up, and pay attention to the laws that are being made while we are living our very busy lives.


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