The 4 Temperaments in the Garden

Many years ago my church went through a study of the 4 temperaments. I took the test and found that I was a Sanguine with a blend of Melancholy. I thought ok, that is nice.

I did a brief study and learned about the 4 temperaments. Choleric, Melancholy, Sanguine and Phlegmatic. It helped me to learn to identify another person’s temperament and learn to speak their language.

A few years later, I met a new friend who studied the temperaments. She is a melancholy and has become a very good  friend. She and I spend a lot of time talking about this subject.

In an effort to explain the strengths of the 4 temperaments; I will explain in a lovely word picture so that you can understand. I love word pictures. Our word picture today is a community garden.

Cholerics are leaders

Cholerics are leaders

In a community garden-The Choleric temperament is the natural born leader. They are full of vision and knows just what needs done. Their favorite tool would be the megaphone or microphone. They want to get this ball rolling and make sure that everyone knows their part. We need cholerics in a community garden. They help us to get started, and to head in the right direction.

Beavers keep  track of important information.

Beavers keep track of important information.

In a community garden-The Melancholy temperament is the record keeper. They make lists and charts-contact lists, lists of supplies, charts of when to plant, and how far apart the seeds should go. They always show up on time. They will measure out the plots, and make sure that everyone has an equal amount of room. Their favorite tool is the clip board with graph paper. You may find a measuring tape on their hip. We need Melancholies in a community garden. They keep us organized and on the right path.

Sanguines like to have fun.

Sanguines like to have fun.

In a community  garden- The Sanguine temperament is a very enthusiastic starter, and a social butterfly. They like to play and make it fun for everyone. Their favorite tool is any of them. They will pick up a shovel to dig with the shovel people for awhile, and then pick up a rake and join the rakers. You get the drift. We need Sanguines in the community garden, because they provide entertainment and make it fun.

Phlegmatics are loyal peace keepers.

Phlegmatics are loyal peace keepers.

In a community garden- The Phlegmatic temperament is a support. They dutifully do what ever they are told to do. They may seem slow, but they plug along to finish the task that they are given. We need Plegmatics in the community garden; because they can be quite a work horse.

Most people are a blend of two or more of the temperaments.  Though I have learned about the strengths, weaknesses and relational challenges; I prefer to speak about the strengths. I know my own weaknesses. It is my job to work on mine-not point out others.


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