I Hate Bullies

Where's me spinach?

Where’s me spinach?

In all their forms.

Actually I am lover, not a fighter. I live as peaceful a life as I can. I even chose to marry a peaceful phlegmatic man. It is not that I do not get angry. I do. But then I take care of it quickly and move on to ask for, or give forgiveness.

My mom reminded me that as the oldest of 5, I often times found myself in playground scuffles while sticking up for an underdog. I remember when a boy hit my younger sister on top of her head with his history book, I hit him in the nose with mine. He was much bigger than me, and his mother said that she thought his nose was broken. He never bothered her again. There are more stories that I thought that I had forgotten. Thanks mom.

I have been involved in this local legislation to retrieve our rights to grow food in our backyards. I went to the capitol building this week to speak in favor Senate Bill 1151. I realized that I have a new bully my life.

I heard a lobbyist from my city talk about why our city council voted against a request from the traditional (non-HOA) residents for a zoning  amendment to allow them to have up to five hens. She made the point very clear that HOAs are the reason that our city is so beautiful and controlled. Her references to the traditional neighborhoods made them sound as though they were a nuisance, and needed to be pushed out.

I had been sitting in my seat practicing my little speech about how sweet hens are, and how good organically grown eggs are for you. I was sitting amongst some of my very best friends-who happen to live in traditional neighborhoods.

The speech that I ended up giving was not the one that I had practiced. You will be happy to hear that in the end, the senate committee voted 7-0 in our favor.

The HOAs are ok for what they are worth. It is true most people that live in them want to live in a neighborhood that has a well manicured front lawn, and has no broken cars parked out front. Many, like my husband move into one because of its proximity to schools, or just housing availability. There are others who even live in retirement communities because they desire a further level of safety. But most of the people that I know that live in an HOA do not care about what someone else does is their backyard. We are not the snobs that this person painted us to be. I was offended by her speech and I do not even live in a traditional neighborhood.

The bully that I identified here was not the lobbyist; although I think that she definitely swung very wide in her bias. But it is the HOAs that we need to start taking a look at. Have we been sleeping and allowed the HOAs to sneak up to steal all of our freedoms? I thought that the city council worked for the people, and not the associations. Why were the letters from the HOAs even considered in this case? Just how much control do we really want them to have over us?



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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