La-La-La Lemons! Part 2

Smells so good!

Smells so good!

Well, those lemons stayed in my dining room floor until last Friday. A whole month. Steve was concerned, but I know a secret about lemons. As the lemon sits; it becomes just a little soft, and a bit sweeter. The oil becomes stronger too. Is it fermentation? I like that word. But I really don’t know.

So a week ago Friday; inspired by some bags of oranges and grapefruits a friend gave me, I began to wash, peel and juice the lemons. The fragrance of the lemon peels permeated my kitchen. I was in lemon heaven. So I put all the peels on sheet trays, and put them in the freezer. I will deal with them later.

After I peeled the lemons, like an orange, I put them in my Vitamix (lazy thing that I am) and processed the whole thing; pulp and all. Then I hung all that goodness in  cheese cloths to drain over night. In the morning, I was greeted with a bag of dry(ish) pulp, and more juice in the jar than I normally get when I hand squeeze. I know that there are electric juicers that squeeze every drop, but I do not have one of those.

Looks so pretty!

Looks so pretty!

So I juiced 6 qrts of lemon juice. 5 to freeze and one for the fridge. I took the frozen peels off of the sheet trays ( I have sprouted whole wheat chocolate chip cookies to bake after all) and put them into freezer bags. They went back in the freezer. All but this half gallon. I packed them into a half gallon jar, and filed it with white vinegar. I put the lid on, and will strain it in 4 weeks. Then I will use it as a lemon scented cleaner. Love the smell of lemons!



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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One Response to La-La-La Lemons! Part 2

  1. Paulette says:

    How very clever! Your house must smell so fresh!

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