Playing with the Cows. Moo!

Come and play with me.

Come and play with me.

So Sunday the weather was perfect! The weather man said 74 high and 40 night time lows.

Steve has been working on a project for months. He is trying to help his daughter get a job. Every minute that he is home, he is on the computer looking at job sites. I was feeling a bit single. I am not a choleric temperament, so it is not often that I say “Now hear this! this is what we are going to do!” But I was feeling just a bit edgy. Because I am more sanguine I actually said something like; “Lets go play!”

I wanted to go for a hike, but his knee was acting up, so a walk-some place pretty would do. Once Steve realized that I meant business; he reluctantly got up, and left his computer. He did redeem himself though.

He drove us to the beautiful park that I threw his birthday party at last year. That was a fun party! He hated being the center of attention, and was quite embarrassed to find that I had invited about 30 people. Too bad! I had a great time!

Anyway, we parked, and walked along a canal that ran behind several small farms. He talked to me about how irrigation canals work, and what he will do when we have a farm. (Did you get that?) I just smiled, and enjoyed him rattling on.

Soon we came up behind a dairy. We were next to a pen that appeared to have about 50-1st time heifers, and one great big bull. Happy bull!

The young ladies all had their backs to us, because they were just fed. They were busy. But one little girl looked at us, and started running and bucking towards us. Steve was concerned that she was being aggressive. I recognized a playmate when I saw her. There was a small embankment keeping me from reaching out and touching her. But I talked baby talk to her, and she was reaching out with her nose and tongue; tasting my sweet words in the air. She was liking the attention. How now sanguine cow!

What is she doing? Maybe we should go check it out.

What is she doing? Maybe we should go check it out.

Soon several of the girls came running over to get a little of the action. I really did have fun. They all wanted me to talk baby talk to them. When we left they started to follow. I said “Honey, look what is following me home! Can I keep them?” Poor Steve. No wonder he prefers his computer. It is safe.

Though I loved playing with my new friends, and could see the curiosity that they had, I am not really interested in having a cow on my future farm. Things could change, but I had a cow once. Cows have a bad habit of tossing their huge heads. My cow clipped me under the chin, and knocked me down. It scared me pretty bad. I am 5’1″ and weigh 120#. I think that unless Steve wants to help with the herd, I will stick to goats thank you very much.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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