Canning Magic Beans

Do you remember when I posted about canning pinto beans with friends in my kitchen? Well the result was several pints of canned beans.

There is magic that happens when you pressure can  dried beans. Ok, so you know how to make a pot of beans. You rinse and soak overnight, then you rinse again, and simmer them gently on the stove for hours. Are they done yet? If you are like me, either they still are not completely tender by dinner time, they are too mushy, or  because of multi-tasking you (I) let the water boil out- beans burned and stuck to the bottom of the pan. Not good.

AHHHH, but when you pressure can, you rinse and soak overnight-boil them for 30 minutes while you are sterilizing your jars and then can them. It does take a couple of hours; because the pressure  has to come up to 10# and then you keep it there for 90 minutes. But I am usually home on Fridays because that is the day that Steve works from home. Once done, you can put the jars on your shelf.

Canned Black Beans

Canned Black Beans

The flavor fairies really go to work in the pressure canner. That 1/2 tsp of salt in a pint,  or 1 tsp. of salt in a quart- is just the right amount. The beans will be intact and not mushy, but so tender that they melt between your tongue and roof of your mouth. Magic, no more tough beans or ruined pots for me! Hooray for home canned beans.

Now, imagine this scenario. Months later, you make a pan of cornbread in your  wonderfully seasoned cast iron pan (another post). You open a jar of beans, and simply heat it up. You present it to your husband and pretend humility while you soak up the praise.

With this recent experience fresh in my mind, I canned some black beans in quart jars a couple of Friday’s ago. On the shelf they went for many more easy successful meals at Donna’s house.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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