My Grand…

3# of handsome

3# of handsome


I love to go to the local  rabbit shows. I used to show rabbits, now I just go to the shows to catch up with friends. I like to walk around and see the rabbits, talk to the owners and just enjoy the atmosphere.

I invited my adult daughter Mandy to go with me in October. As I was talking to friends, she was looking around at all the cute fluffies.

Soon, she told me that a certain lop eared handsome boy was following her with his eyes. When she turned to walk away, she felt his eyes burning a hole in the back of her head. He was attempting to place a spell on her, but she kept looking away. She knew that if she allowed him to lock eyes with her, that she would be captured by his magic. She asked for my help, so I drug her to the opposite end of the show arena.

I did my best to talk to her about other things- to get her mind off of the handsome prince. I showed her other cute lop ears, and lion heads. The Dutch, and the Polish youth could not hold a candle to the laser eyed knave. When I turned my head to answer a “Hello” from another friend, my daughter disappeared.

Buddy Love!

Buddy Love!

When I finally spied her, she was talking to the owner of the little prince. Before I could reach her; she was holding him to her chest, and rocking back and forth. My daughter was completely lost in a silly trance, dancing around and singing like a Disney princess (for goodness sake!). The look on her face was so full of delight. How could I deny her, but what would King Travis (my son-in-law) say?

Though I know that King Travis is my friend, it has been a long cold winter for me. He eats at my table, but only gives me a half smile. He will hug me, but with only one shoulder. He states that he is giving me a one shouldered hug, because the other is still giving me the cold treatment. I know that he will forgive me soon though, because he bought Mandy a beautiful bunny condo as a birthday gift. He will not hold or play with “Prince Buddy”, but makes sure that his water bowl is always full. Like his father-in-law Steve, he attempts toughness, but does not quit pull the wool over this matron’s eyes. You see, though his is made of a hard candy shell, he really has a soft gooey center. I try to remind him that all is really well in the kingdom. Though his wife seems reluctant to birth him a child. Prince Buddy is getting her warmed up.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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