A New Little Friend in My Garden

Magenta throated juvenile

Magenta throated juvenile

So, the other day I was doing one of my garden walks, and saw an adult male hummingbird hovering just above the ground. This is a unusual site, so I went to check  it out.

He was hovering over the body of a juvenile male humming bird. He looked like he was trying to pick it up. I looked at the body and assumed it dead.  I bent to pick it up, and the adult male continued to hover near my hand.

Now, I have some pretty amazing hummingbird stories to tell, but have no pictures. So I went in the house to get Steve and showed him this beautiful little bird. It still appeared dead.

So I took it to the bird feeder, and stuck its little beak into the hole to get some sugar water. It swallowed. I kept dipping, it kept swallowing and soon began to drink thirstily. It sat up, but stayed in my hand.

Can you see his little tongue?

Can you see his little tongue?

Steve ran in to get the camera, while I stayed outside. The female adult was buzzing me. She wanted me to put her baby down! I waited until  we had some pictures. I tried once more with the feeding, then set him down just where I found him.

Later Steve went out to check and found the little boy hanging upside down (like a bat) on a branch of the artichoke plant- that is just under the feeder.  He went to touch it and it flew away.

The next day was just like any other day in the garden. Hummingbirds were buzzing my head, and playing dive bombers with each other.  I noticed a magenta throated juvenile with an adult female. I think that that they were telling me thank you:)

Steve thinks that our little friend was playing, and ran into the block wall; knocking himself out.

Silly boys!

The Barn Hop

The Barn Hop

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8 Responses to A New Little Friend in My Garden

  1. Was it early in the morning, Donna? Hummingbirds frequently go into a torpor state to reserve energy overnight/in cold temperatures. Another possibility is the two males were fighting and he got knocked for a loop and was recovering after the battle.

    • It was afternoon Tiffany. I had thought about the two boys fighting as well. But when Steve painted a visual for me of two silly boys playing dive bombers, and one moving aside to allow the other to “hit the wall” that sounded more entertaining. Thank you for your bird watching expertise.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming experience!

    • Amy- Thank you for your comment. That is truly what my blog is all about. Please feel free to share this post on your Facebook or with your friends. I am building a new blog about the farm that I have been talking about. I will announce the new blog as we get nearer.

  3. How beautiful! Hummers are lovely little things. I bet that’s what it was – he knocked himself out! Definitely silly little things!

  4. Adelaide says:

    I’ve always thought hummingbirds are so beautiful but being in Australia, I’ve never seen one in real life… Thank you for letting me enjoy them more through you!

    • You are welcome Adelaide. I have several breeding pairs that live in my garden. They are here by choice. I will share more fun stories about them. What I would enjoy from you though is a story about some of the interesting creatures that you have in Australia. We only get to see them on TV or in a zoo. I am not fond of seeing an animal at the zoo.

  5. PintSizeFarm says:

    How cute! I featured your post at the HomeAcre blog hop – stop by http://www.PintSizeFarm.com and be sure to submit another post for next week.

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