Corn and Soy

Steve and Donna

Steve and Donna

I am awake before Steve’s alarm goes off; thinking. First thing in the morning is when I do may best thinking. His alarm goes off-he hits the snooze button-I go downstairs and start the coffee. While he showers, I make his lunch and put something together that he can eat on the way to work.  He stumbles down the stairs, and like Dagwood’s Blondie; I stand by the door with his travel mug full of coffee, his lunch bag and his “eat on the run” breakfast. He mumbles his goodbyes, then I say a prayer that he will arrive safe at work. He is a night owl, I am an early bird. After 9:00 pm, the roles will reverse.

I go back to the kitchen and poor my coffee that will serve to wipe any remaining cobwebs from my  brain. Not usually necessary. Then I dress for my walk.

This morning it was 32 degrees-cold (at least to me), so I put on my thick hoody jacket, gloves and knitted cap. I  pulled it down over my ears. I was off. I do not run, but these short legs can carry me pretty quick. I walk the parks and greenbelts for at least an hour every morning to greet the sun, and spend some time with God. I do not talk/pray out loud, I do not need to. My thoughts this time of day are so loud (and clear) in my head, that I am surprised that the occasional passerby does not hear them.

Today my thoughts were on real food again. This time corn and soy.

Friend or foe?

Friend or foe?

We ate a lot of corn as kids. Corn on the cob, corn bread, canned corn, creamed corn, corn fritters. Loved it. My parents did too, and they did not have inflammatory problems. We really did not know much about soy, and it did not appear on the labels of almost everything that we ate like it does now. As a matter of fact, I do not remember hearing about soy (except for soy sauce) until the late 70’s early 80’s.

So, why are corn and soy considered two of the foods that are most likely to cause inflammatory conditions in our bodies?

When I left the 7 foods out of my diet for 21 days, I cannot tell you how good my joints felt. When  I put corn back  into my diet, to see if it were a culprit, I only ate organic corn. I got a hold of some seeds, and had planted a huge 4 X 40 patch in my garden. That was a lot of corn for the two of us. I froze some ears whole, I canned a bunch, and made corn cob jelly. That corn gave me NO problems. But when I tried the corn in a can, a frozen bag,  or a box of cornmeal; it gave me terrible constipation. TMI- I know, but FYI; constipation is inflammation. Not fun!

Soy is in so many things now.

Soy is in so many things now.

I have never trusted soy  because I have Asian friends that tell me that soy- unless fermented (as in  properly prepared soy sauce and tofu) is actually considered poisoness in their countries. This insider information has helped me learn to read the labels, and avoid soy. So I really have not had enough of it to decide whether it is bad for me or not. I will not  feed it to my animals, so it will not show up in the eggs, or the milk that they may produce.

I am not in a laboratory with rats that have tumors, but my body has become my own personal science experiment. There are those who say that science does not lie. Here is what I am learning to say;

GMOs may feed the world, but not my household; as long as I can help it. You may call me a rebel, but you would not be the first. Steve says that I put the sparkle in his life, and that he keeps me out of jail.

Here’s to more fun and freedom!


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Corn and Soy

  1. well minded says:

    Excellent post, Donna! I love your light-hearted approach to an important issue. I’ll be sharing…

  2. Thank you for your kind words Kristen. Coffee sometime?

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