Egg Illusions I Recall

The egg on the left comes from a backyard hen that eats no corn/soy food

The egg on the left comes from a backyard hen that eats no corn/soy food

Eggs cause  inflammation. Really? No!

I guess that you can see where we are headed here. I didn’t really tell you. But I am  taking  us on a journey of the 7 deadly, or inflammation causing foods, and how my elimination diet went last year. I will share what I found that works for me.

I read that eggs are one of the 7 worst foods that cause inflammation. So, I left them out of my diet. When I carefully added them back in, I had no problem. Good, because I love eggs. I  would eat them everyday, if I could.

Here is why I do not. It is not for the reasons that you may think. I eat eggs from backyard hens that are fed corn/soy free food. Yes, I have to increase their protein with other things, but that is a different post. I have kept anywhere from 2-6 hens at a time. They are currently living off site-with my little goat-at my friend’s house. But I see them every day. Sometimes of the year I get more eggs than I need. Sometimes I do not get enough. Owning hens gives me a new respect for eggs. Every time I eat one, I know that I am eating the product of a hen’s whole day (or 2 day’s) work. In the past, if my egg stuck to the pan and broke the yolk, it was common for me to toss it and start over. Not now. Every beautiful-rich tasting-orange yolked egg is precious. I cook them in a well seasoned cast iron pan on low; to make sure that they turn out perfect every time.

Here are the egg illusions that I recall. When I run out of my lovely deep orange yolked-rich tasting-beautiful eggs that come from truly happy hens; I run out to the store. I purchase thin shelled-pale yellow yolked-tastless eggs. Picture a skinny white chicken, with its top beak clipped, in a tiny cage.

Commercial egg layers

Commercial egg layers

I do not hang out at commercial egg houses, so I got this photo on-line to stress my point.

The lights are on 24 hours a day to confuse her, and make her lay more eggs than she should. Not good for her, not good for me.  I have found that when I eat these eggs- I have tummy trouble, and achy hips. Again, not good. I need my hips for gardening.  Could it be the corn and soy? Is it the actual corn and soy, or is it the genetic modification of these plants. I never had trouble with eggs when I was a kid. But I do now.

So the illusion that the food magicians have made us believe- that eggs are the culprit- is just a trick. Look behind the curtain, and you will see the reality – that a happy hen that is fed NON GMO food; produces a healthy egg.

Backyard Chicken

Backyard Chicken

It seems that we really don’t know eggs at all. But we are starting too.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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