Gluten or Phytates? Whatever, I Love Bread

I love bread. Period. I could end this post right here, but that would be silly. So I won’t.

Soaking Wheat Berries

Soaking Wheat Berries

My Great grandmother made real bread. Made from freshly ground grains. My grandmother made fluffy white bread. My mom bought Wonder Bread. I started making fluffy white bread like Grandma used to make. Then I learned to grind my wheat, and make lovely, whole wheat bread like Great grandmother.

Sprouting wheat berries

Sprouting wheat berries

Last year, when I went on an elimination diet to correct an inflammatory condition that I have been battling for several years; it was suggested that I was gluten intolerant. That, my friends was a heard pill to swallow. But, swallow I did.

I went cold turkey for awhile, and then started eating the dry unsatisfying rice breads tortillas, cereals and crackers. I bought a gluten free baking book, and made the best of it.

I started reading about phytates, and how they are in grains. They keep the nutrients in the grain bound up, and indigestible. The best way to remove the phytates is to germinate the seed of the grain. So, I started soaking, sprouting, and dehydrating my grains. I then keep the grains in the freezer- until ready to grind fresh, and bake.

Now, I will not say that I am not gluten intolerant. I am saying that this new way of making bread is very satisfying. I do not eat very much bread at all anymore. But when I do make a batch of this bread, it is wonderful! It fills me up better than before, and does not bring on the inflammation. Could it be that moderation is the key here? Could it be that it is more nutritious; therefore, my body does not need as much? Don’t know. But with a glass of cold-raw milk (please see yesterday’s post), and some raw butter-made from raw cream, it is a wonderful meal!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Gluten or Phytates? Whatever, I Love Bread

  1. Paulette says:

    You should have CALLED me with this revelation! Thank you for sharing on your blog, friend. I may be trying something new. Does the soaked wheat gum up your grinder?

  2. catfeet1 says:

    Wow! I’d love to hear more, as I’m also wheat intolerant, but not gluten intolerant. Can you post the entire process? (I also love bread…)

    • Sure Catfeet,
      I put 6 cups of wheat berries in a one gallon jar, fill it with filtered water and soak for 12 hours. Then drain and rinse 3 times in a 24 hour period. Once sprouted, I spread the berries on two sheet pans and dehydrate in my oven set on 170 degrees; stirring occasionally. This takes 4-8 hours. Once completely dry, I put into a zip top bag and freeze. I do not grind it until I am ready to bake. 6 cups of berries will yield 7 cups of sprouted berries.
      I find that if I start the process on a Wednesday night, that I am ready to dehydrate on Friday morning. Steve likes me to be “milling” about the house on Fridays while he works from home.

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