Do You Remember When Milk Tasted Good?

Raw milk-do you see the cream line?

Raw milk-do you see the cream line?

When I was a little kid (1960’s), I remember that milk tasted good. The milk man brought those cute little jars with the paper lid, and the cream on top. Milk tasted good!

Then  came the time that whole milk was not good for you, so we switched to 2%, because whole milk would make us fat. We drank Kool-Aid because it was cheap. Then we started drinking diet soda, because it had no calories.

As I grew; I lost my taste for milk. It tasted like water, and had too many calories. I read that milk really was not that good for you anyway.

Fast forward to now.  Last year- I started a journey to heal myself of inflammatory conditions in my body. I chose an elimination diet that took 7 of the foods that are most recognized as causing inflammation. Dairy was one of them. That one was not all that hard for me. But when I added dairy back in, I was surprised at what I found. Pasteurized dairy was one of my inflammation causing culprits. But I kept hearing about how good raw dairy was for us. So I tried again. This time; when I added dairy I used raw milk (and cream) for the butter, yogurt and cheese that I consumed. I found that it did not cause the problems that I associated with dairy previously.

Do you know what else? Raw milk tastes good!

I have a source that I get raw jersey cow’s milk from. Though she is not considered a grass fed cow (she is grained, and eats alfalfa) her milk is delicious! After skimming off the cream that separates at the top, the milk tastes as yummy, and as rich as I remember. I am beginning to believe that the fat in this milk is probably better for me than a lot of the other foods that I consume.

Dare I say it? Please excuse me as I wipe my milk mustache. Yes I got milk, because RAW milk does my body good!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Do You Remember When Milk Tasted Good?

  1. AR says:

    Donna, I totally agree with your comments about raw milk. There is nothing better or more healthy. I too remember when a milk shake was to die for when we were kids. Nice raw full fat milk shake with strawberries!! I wish for the day when EVERYONE could enjoy the taste and health benefits of this liquid gold without the fear of heart disease or an expanding waist line because of the hersey we have been told.
    LOVE your blog, keep up the good work, keep providing us with much needed information.

  2. Arlana,
    Thank you for your comment. Of my many mentors, you are The Dairy Mentor in my life. You have taught me so much already. I learn something new each time we talk. You my dear have the sweetest animals I have ever met. I know it is because of how you love them. Please kiss Ms. Rikki for me.

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