New Year’s Resolutions? Not So Much.

I have a lot of lists to keep track of

I have a lot of lists to keep track of

My kids will tell you that every New Year’s Eve (as they were growing up), they can remember me saying; “This new year will be the best year ever!” My friends and husband will tell you that I am the eternal optimist.

I love, and look forward to new beginnings, starting over and “gearing up”. In Decembers past I would buy a new notebook, and fill it with lists of resolutions; only to find that by March, my notebook had been abandoned, and the goals forgotten.

Life has taught me not to wait for Monday to start that diet, or for January to make a list of resolutions. I find that I do better if I always have a list of goals that I am working on. I keep that list close by. It is in the form of a notebook.

I keep daily goals, weekly goals, etc. Whenever I think about a new goal; I add it to my list.  I juggle the action  items around until I make it fit.

Now lest you fear that I am a strong melancholy temperament (driven by goals), please note that I am more sanguine than that. I chase butterflies you see. My list gives me the freedom to chase them to my hearts content. How? The knowledge that the list is waiting for me to check something-anything-off of it.

Now here is the real secret. My list is not a chain  around my ankle, only an anchor to keep me from floating away. I do not have to accomplish everything, just the important ones for today. The remainder goes onto the list for the following day to be prioritized again.

So, will I not make resolutions for the new year; at least, not so much that you would notice. I will just keep my list revolving.

The only real new goal I have is to have (and to wish you) a Happy, Happy, Happy New Year:)


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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