Carrot Talk


Carrots getting sweeter after the freeze

Carrots getting sweeter after the freeze

Nope. This post is not a tutorial on speaking to the vegetables. Though I do talk to mine, and am all for you talking to yours; you have to learn that one your own.

My favorite vegetable picked from my garden in December, or January is the lovely, sweet, bright orange carrot.

I just love watching carrots grow. Yes, they take forever to germinate. The sprouts are so tiny that you may accidentally pick them along with the weeds that are much faster growing. But they take up such little room, that they can be planted amongst other vegetables. They can fill in the holes in your garden.

In the desert, they can be planted from September 1st through the end of February. I do. I plant about 64 of them every two weeks. Since they take about 90 long days to grow, I start harvesting them around Dec 1st. This means that I get about 50 carrots (allowing for an 80% germination rate), every two weeks until the end of May.

What are the best carrots? I get asked that question a lot. I have tried all the colors. They are beautiful, and make great pictures. Personally, I prefer the flavor of the bright orange varieties. They  are sweeter (to me). But whatever carrot you decide on, there is something about a freeze that makes any carrot sweeter. So my best carrots are the ones that live through a freeze, which we get in Dec, or January. The carrots that mature after the freeze warnings are past, are still wonderful; just not my best.

Now you know why my favorite vegetable to come out of my garden in December and January; is the lovely, sweet, bright orange carrot.



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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