I was not sure if I was going to write a post about this or not.  Well, I decided to today after a lovely conversation with an encouraging friend. You see, I have kept my lovely little pets in my backyard for quite some time now. Though I live on a large residential sized lot, it is not legal here for me to keep chickens, or rabbits.

I received a knock on my door from Code and Compliance; and was given 7 days to remove my 5 chickens from my backyard.
Needless to say, I was taken by surprise at first, because I know that my neighbors are all ok with what I have going on here. I was kind to the inspector, he even gave me a one week extension. I did not need it, but I gladly accepted it. When he returned in 14 days, I was respectful and showed him my garden. He was impressed and would like to come to a gardening class. I made a new friend. How many of those guys are treated well when they are really only doing their job.

The good news is that I found out just how many good friends I have. I had my closest friends call to cry with me, send encouraging texts, and emails of support. Though I knew that this day could come, I really did not expect that it would.

I have a girlfriend that lives about a mile away, who has agrarian property. She offered to keep my animals at her place in exchange for me building, and maintaining a garden for her family. She gave me a key to the gate, with freedom to come and go as I please; to feed, and visit my babies. She is SHARING HER LIFE’S ABUNDANCE WITH ME. You can bet that she will have a wonderful vegetable garden.

I had thought about just leaving my animals out of my posts from now on, but made a different decision. There are so many people out there that I know who would love to keep chickens, or rabbits in their backyard. So I have decided to continue talking about this subject.

I have also been visiting with a senator about the plight of the backyard farmer, and how so many of our rights are being taken away. If the cities allow it, then the HOAs don’t. I understand that people may be afraid of noise. But there are noise ordinances that would control that. I understand that people are afraid of fly problems, there are laws that would govern that as well. Just to let you know, the dog next door makes more noise than my babies. Hens without a rooster make very little noise. The poop from my husband’s little dog would draw more flies than the chickens.
The Senator was very interested in what my friends and I had to say. I will post more about that as time goes by.

So, on this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for an overly full tummy, a bulging pantry, a loving family and wonderful friends. I will pray for the mean-spirited person who made the unkind decision to make a cowardly “anonymous” complaint. (really, were my pets hurting anyone?) I am sure that they had no idea how much pain they were inflicting. I am also thankful for this new relationship with the woman who has opened her farmyard up to my babies.

One last decision. I own a rental property. It is the house that my kids grew up in. The rent from that house, plus the money from a home based business that I work at; has helped me to remain unemployed while I attend school to become a nurse. My goal is to sell that house this next spring, and use the profit as a down payment on agrarian property.

Until then, I will throw my efforts into the fight for chickens in this city, and care for my babies off site while building a beautiful veggie garden for my friend. I will also continue to SHARE MY LIFE’S ABUNDANCE.
Much love to you and your family this holiday season,
Donna and her babies.



About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Decisions

  1. Treasa Birchett says:

    I love this Donna. These are great decisions. I a so glad you are forging ahead

  2. well minded says:

    It sounds like you’re making a positive out of a negative, which is great. I can’t imagine how hard it is, but it is fortunate that you found someone to help you…a great exchange, it seems. Good luck with it all, and keep up the good work!

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