A Funny Thing Happened…

I was trying to learn some photo-shop-thing on Steve’s computer today. I had a picture that I wanted to watermark. My computer did not have the photo shop loaded into it.

Here is a little background to this story. Every year about this time, Steve likes to go paleo, just prior to the holidays. Paleo just melts the pounds off of him. Prior to starting the diet, his last request was a an apricot cobbler. So;  wonderful, wife that I am, I thawed out some apricots from the freezer, and made a cobbler. It was so pretty that I took a picture to save for a future post. 

That was the picture that I was playing with on his computer. A friend came a knocking on my door, and I left what I was doing on the computer. We ended up leaving the house together, and I forgot about my project. 

Later Steve came home from work, 4 days into his diet-tired and hungry. I was in the kitchen making his dinner when he bellowed   called out sweetly to me “That is not fair”. I came to look and apparently I saved this picture as a background to his desk top. 

Pretty Tempting!

Pretty Tempting!

I have no idea how I did it, I could not do it again without help. But it was kind of funny.

I will follow up with a recipe. 



About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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