To My Generous Friend Jack.

Jack's Gift

Jack’s Gift

Jack, you know who you are.

I was at a Dr’s appointment yesterday. I was standing in the check out line, when I heard a little voice coming down the hallway. This voice was  attached to a handsome little blonde haired boy. He was excited about the strip of stickers that the nurse had given him. Not just one sticker, but several. He was telling his mother that he needed to find others to share them with.  

Can you see why that got my attention? Most kids get stickers and hold them close to their chest; growling “mine“. I saw him put a sticker on his mommy’s tummy to give “the baby” a sticker”. He was giving stickers to medical assistants as they walked by. Not only was he giving, but he was being thoughtful about his gift. I noticed that he was matching the color of the sticker to the color of their scrubs.  I heard him say that he was saving the black one and the yellow one for his dad. (Steelers fan?)  He said that he was going to save the blue one for himself. He looked up at me and saw that I was  wearing a green shirt and asked if I wanted a sticker. I responded in a way that I hoped would make him understand how happy I would be if I could have one of his stickers. He carefully put the green sticker on my arm. After thanking him I said “Jack, did you know that the more you give, the more you get?”  He nodded his head, his eyes got big and he looked at his mom.   She told me that his dad was telling him that very thing last night. By the way, I proudly wore that sticker all day long.

I told his mom about my little blog. I explained that  the theme was about the joy that sharing with others brings us. She asked for the address, I gave her my information. I hope that she is reading this and sharing this with Jack. Jack my friend, thank you for your generousity. It really blessed me in more ways than you will know.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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