Magic in My Living Room

Sorry, no pictures. But pure content folks.

About 3 weeks ago, I had a senator come to visit my little backyard. He had heard what I was doing, and wanted to see for himself. I was excited to meet him because I had heard that he believed in the rights of people to raise food in their backyard.

I told him my story, and he told me his. I told him that I had lots of friends who felt the same way. We just needed some direction. He told me that he is only the key, and that he was willing to teach people how to use the key to unlock the door. 

He asked me if I could get people to come to my living room. I asked him how many he wanted. I know alot of good people! So after a long discussion, this is what we came up with. I would invite my most influential friends for an intimate meeting with him. Another much larger meeting would be planned a week out at a large feed store. I would invite my most influential friends to the first, they would  all become leaders, and invite towards the second. 

Tonight I had 15 of my most influential friends in my living room. All are people that I love and trust, but most of them did not know each other. We had a rousing 2 hour meeting. Everyone had a great deal to share. The senator explained how he can help us to make the changes that we are hoping for. I loved it. I felt empowered. I felt like we really can make a difference. 

As I watched this interaction tonight, I was awstruck at the magic that happened in my livingroom  I know these people individually. They are all very different, each with their unique talents to bring to the table. But all shared a common goal. The desire to provide good food for their family, in their own backyard. 

The senator left at the 2 hour mark, but the others remained. It was like they could not wait to meet, and talk to these other people in the room. They had all heard about each other through my stories. But now they could get to know the person that the stories were about. I saw them all mix and mingle and share what they do, and how they can help each other.

God knows what He is doing. We are all so different in so many ways. But where the basics are concerned, we are so much the same.


Stay tuned for more.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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