Canning with Friends

Peaches and Pears

Peaches and Pears

Canning is nothing new around here. There are jars in almost every room of my house. I can (or bottle) throughout the year. Neither is having friends over to help me, or watch me can. I have made many a mess in the kitchen with a girlfriend over canning apples). But this was a new experience for me.

I like to can on Friday, because it keeps me out of Steve’s way on the day that he works from home. At one of my gardening classes, I mentioned that I was going to can beans for my pantry. A couple of the girls that are “stay at home moms” said that they would like to learn to can. Tiffany and Tiffany. That is what was new for me. I was going to teach 2 Tiffannys (ies) the art of pressure canning.

Teaching Two Tiffanies

Teaching Two Tiffanies

In the picture on my left (your right); is my friend, and blogging mentor; Tiffany. She is actually a homeschooling teacher, so I got away with calling her “Mrs. Davis” for the day. She was so excited about learning to can beans; that she soaked her own beans, she also bought her own jars and lids. She actually provided the class materials. I can always can my beans later. Not tonight though, I have special guests coming. I will post about tomorrow.  

The lady on my right (your left); is also Tiffany. She is fairly new to all  this homesteading stuff, and comes to all my classes. I have been to her home. She keeps it so beautiful! She loves to clean house. I can just see her singing while she cleans her house; like Snow White. I am determined to work out some sort of barter with her. She can clean my house once a month, and I will help her with gardening, quail, or canning.  

It was so nice teaching them about the microbiology behind safe canning. Tiffany made a comment about getting “hot and steamy in the kitchen” which Steve heard. He said that he almost came to our rescue at that comment,  but knew that I could handle whatever came up out there. 

Roasted Chicken Broth

Roasted Chicken Broth

While the canner was going, I had a crockpot full of roasted chicken broth finishing up on the counter.  I taught them that the wide mouth quart jars can be used to freeze in. Just don’t put a lid on. The small mouth jars might crack in the freezer. I also shared with them that I crock my birds in the summer (so that I do not heat up the house), but the broth tastes so much better (and is prettier) when the bird (or the bones) have been roasted.   

Look for tomorrow’s post to see how tonight went.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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