BSFs are Not My BFFs, But They May Come Over to Play

Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

I like to say that I play in the garden, I play with my animals. and I play with my people (friends and family). So, if I am inviting a friend to come over, or go with me; I ask if they want to come and play. 

I take each new project in my backyard on one at a time. I want to research it, and truly understand it. For someone like me-who is prone to chasing butterflies, it takes real effort to focus on something new. 

While learning about aquaponics; I keep hearing about Black Soldier Flies (BSFs). I have not been focusing in on this new information, because I am concentrating on Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates (ANN).  I probably will be for awhile.

Today I went to an Aquaponics demonstration, and was forced (out of politeness) to sit through the BSF portion of the program. When I came home, I found those fat ugly worms were competing for the same space in my head that the ANN had once filled. It is ok though, because since I have begun to understand ANN better, I do not need to focus so hard. My brain is  tired now, but this is what I remember. 

The BSFs can be kept in a special container (Bio-Pod) that can also used as a composting unit. Once attracted or purchased the female fly will lay up to 900 eggs in the compost. This can contain meat (unlike other compost bins), scraps and manures ( I have plenty of that!). The fattened larvae can be harvested to feed the fish, quail or chickens. 

BSF Larvae

BSF Larvae

The instructor said that BSF’s provide a larger percentage of protein than meal worms do. A whopping 60% ( I need to research that one myself). Organic (corn/soy free) chicken and quail feeds don’t have as much protein as the regular feeds do. So this could increase my hen’s/fish protein intake while saving me money.    

I gave it some thought. I decided that though I am interested in taking this project on soon, I will not be asking Steve for a Bio-Pod for Christmas. It does not sound very romantic. 



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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