I Am What I Am, or We Are Who We Are.

I used  to love Popeye

I used to love Popeye

Ever since Steve called me a prepper and I asked him “Wouldn’t you like to be a prepper too?” I have been thinking.

Like my friend Becky, I struggle with the term. Prepper is a relatively new term. I have been doing this since I was 12, and in Arizona for 30 years. 

I told Steve that I was a gardener, but he said that most gardeners that he knows don’t actually produce very much of their diet. I produce alot of food in my backyard. So I came up with a name. I puffed out my chest, hooked my thumb in my tank top strap, and proudly anounced to him “I am a Backyard Food Producer”. He said that he like that title for us (?) He said that he could see that we (?) do indeed qualify as Backyard Food Producers, as we do produce food for our (?) family in our (?) backyard. Ok done! Next issue that needs solved?

 Wait a minute! Where did the WE, US and OUR come from? So I thought about it. Steve worries over my animals more than I do. He builds the structures that keep them warm in the winter, and less hot during the summer. He installed my drip system. He patiently listens to me go on, and on about this silly passion of mine. He also eats more than half of the food that is being produced in my backyard, and transformed into meals in my kitchen. 

We it is then! I like it.

My hee-ro!

My hee-ro!


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to I Am What I Am, or We Are Who We Are.

  1. Joseph Mammino says:

    You two are a match made above. Joe

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Thank you Joe. I feel that way. We will see how Steve feels after he reads my blog. I finally sent him an invitation to follow:)

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