Three of Your Garden’s Best Friends

Three Good Friends

Three Good Friends

When  I go on my garden walk every morning, I go armed. No, not with a pistol or a rifle, although I do take a knife for harvesting on my evening walks. 

I take with me 3 spray bottles. One is filled with vinegar, one is filled with BT, and the other is filled with worm tea.

VINEGAR– (use only when needed) it is very acidic. I use it for grasses that are trying to come up through the weed cloth. There are not many, but it does no good to just pull them. They break off under the soil, and then they grow back stronger than before. VINEGAR kills them. Make sure that you do not get the VINEGAR on any plants that you want to keep alive.  As long as you do not use a large amount, the acid will neutralize in our alkaline soil.  I also use the VINEGAR on the rabbit cages to clean the urine stains.

BT- (use only as needed) is for my plants that attract leaf eating larva. Though the use of BT spray in your garden is considered an organic method, I still only use it when I see evidence of tomato worms or cabbage lopers. I prefer to use more natural methods like hand picking, or mulching around the effected plants with dried mint leaves.  

WORM TEA-(use liberally) I raise composting worms (red wigglers) in totes inside the house. They live out of site, in my sewing room.  I do teach vermiposting classes in my home, so they come in handy as living visual aides. I have enough worms now that I harvest about a gallon of WORM TEA per week. All my plants get sprayed thoroughly with that every morning (unless they got sprayed with BT that day).  The benefits of WORM TEA are many. It is said that it is an insecticidal weapon against white flies, aphids, and mites.  I  have read that it is a natural fungicide, and protects the seedlings from “dampening off”.  It increases water retention in the soil. It increases the size of the plant stem, and leaves without burning the plant. What’s not to love?

My experience has shown me that these “three friends”,  when used properly will help protect, strenghthen and beautify your garden. 



About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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