Keeping Our Ears to the Ground; or Being Tuned In

Last night, Steve and I had an interesting conversation. He likes to keep an eye on wallstreet, politics and the economy. Me, I could care less. I am out in the garden, keeping an eye on the plants and critters. 

Steve said that the last 4-5 years, he has seen the preppers rise up. He said that as he is concerned for the future of our country, he sees others being concerned about the food supply. He says that people keep their ears to the ground in different ways. He also said that he thinks that I am “tuned in”. My response to him was that “I am not a prepper”. He said “Maybe you do not think you are” But what you have been doing all these years is tied in to the same spirit”.

So I said “Honey, if it makes you happy; I’m a prepper. Wouldn’t you like to be a prepper too?” He said no, but my ears are to the ground, and I hear a change a comin. Stayed tuned in folks.  

I can sense that Steve is ready to come on board”)


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Keeping Our Ears to the Ground; or Being Tuned In

  1. Joseph Mammino says:

    Interesting about Steve and his likes. I share those same topics as he does. We who live here in Las Palmas have a small group of men and women, about 10,that meet every Friday in our clubhouse. We call it our Town Hall meeting. We discuss current topics in the news including Politics, World Events and the such. We are of different persuasions and our mantra is “civility”. With that in mind we can speak out about our beliefs and not argue. I love the discourse and have grown because of it. Perhaps you can find some time to come around to his likes as well Joe

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    • Joe,
      You are awesome as always! Civility is such a nice way to put it. I love people of all beliefs, and play pretty well with others. Steve freally does fascinate me as he goes on about these things. I really should pay more attention.
      I will let Steve know about your group. Thank you for your encouragement.

  2. Becky Hansen says:

    I have battled this label for the past couple of years myself. I don’t think that we need to create bomb shelters and save water for the zombie apocalypse or anything like that. However, Steve is right. My two cents says I feel a pull towards growing my own food, hunting for meat, living a less wasteful and simply providing for my family. I feel this pull at the same time I hear of a wide movement of people making similar changes. This change in human behavior that is occurring stems from various reasonings. Some want healthier foods. Some want to save money. Some think the world will end. I’ve even heard some are starved for a simpler life as they see society become overtaken by the latest technological gadget.

    I find there is peace and joy in doing what I do. It keeps me centered in a world of chaos. We do need to slow down and smell the roses, pick the veggies, and keep our ears to the ground. Just be careful when your ear is on the ground that a rouge zombie doesn’t grab it!!!! Hee hee! 😉

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