In Case of Zombies

This makes me think...

This makes me think…

As part of my nursing pre-req classes, I was required to take English 102. My English Professor was an interesting character, with some very interesting things to say. I did not believe much of what he said though, because he seemed compelled to use his classroom as a place to preach his liberal, and atheistic views to the gullable young students (who had not yet decided what they believed) in his class. 

I will say though that he did keep me entertained, and I challenged him. He seemed to like it, I was the only one in the class his age. (Sad, but true!).

One of the things that he taught us is that Zombies, and the fame that they have claimed in the last few years was something that the government designed. ( I did not say that I believed him). He said that it is not politically correct to prepare for “terrorist” attacks. So our government runs “Zombie” attack drills. He also stated that prepping for the fall of the economy is despressing, and will instill a distrust in the government. To prepare however for zombies keeping us from the outside food, and water supply is much more politically correct and acceptable.



Whatever, I don’t believe in zombies. Tentacled monsters that live in my swimming pool at night are a different story, hence the flood lights in the backyard. I am not worried about the end of the world. It is smart to prepare for economic troubles. But I will let my common sense dictate that project for me,  and not my fear of monsters. Steve will take care of the monsters for me (my hero!). 

Sweet little thing!

Sweet little thing!

Don’t worry, I will help you. Besides when it comes to

No contest!

No contest!

My money in on the plants-every time.

Have fun!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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