Miss Prissy is All Grown Up

Prissy on her nest

Prissy on her nest

Do you remember Miss Prissy? She is the little red hen that sits on my shoulder. She also comes in the house to eat meal worms at my feet.

Well, the last two weeks she has been squatting at my feet. She is showing respect for my position of dominance in her life. In other words, there is no rooster to squat for, so I am it. I reach down and scratch her shoulders, then rub her back and tail. She feels accepted. It is all good.

If there were a rooster, she would squat for him (and run from me), he would rub her shoulders and tail. She would be his-not mine. That is why I do not have a rooster. That, and the fact that his beautiful voice would irritate the neighbors.

Squatting is also a sign of maturity. So I have been watching carefully. Today I found what I was looking for. Normally she comes to great me when I go outside. I found Miss Prissy in a tight little corner. She was very focused, and would not come out.

I kept checking, she was there for at least an hour. When she came out I found that she had sat on another hen’s egg; then laid her very one, very first brown egg. Good girl!
Now she is to be called Ms. Prissy.

A nest in the rocks

A nest in the rocks

I do have a crate filled with straw for them. But they insist on laying in this area. Over time, they will learn to lay in the crates like the big girls do. 

A rainbow of eggs

A rainbow of eggs

The two outside eggs are from my black copper marans, the olive eggs come from an Americauna/maran cross, the middle egg is Prissy’s.



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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6 Responses to Miss Prissy is All Grown Up

  1. CastIronDan says:

    Nice looking eggs! I love the color of the Marans eggs.

    • Thank you. I remember reading the “007” books as a kid. Bond insisted on eggs that came from the French Maran hens. The Black Copper Maran chicken is the decendant of those birds. These birds are a large breed chicken. They are very heavy, and do not tolerate the heat well here. So I have to watch them carefully during the first part of the summer.
      I do love the color of the shells though.

  2. Joseph Mammino says:

    Interesting and informing Donna. I did not know you had a problem with meal worms in the house. Good to have Mrs Prissy to help :- Joe PS. Fes had back surgery couple days ago. Healing is painful but he wants to dance again hence the surgery.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Funny boy Joe. I go to a lot of trouble to raise those meal worms as chicken treats. Sorry to hear that Fes had surgery. You are the first to tell us about it. I will check in with Carolyn to see if there is anything that we can do. Love to you and Trish Donna-

  3. tbnranch says:

    Beautiful eggs! Isn’t it amazing how pretty a simple clutch of farm eggs can be? 🙂

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