Rainy Day Musings for the Garden.

I read alot of books about gardening, livestock and agriculture. I check them out at libraries, buy them at yard sales, and borrow them from friends. Steve knows which ones are on my wish list, and on occasion, I recieve a surprise delivery from Amazon (very romantic!).
The most recent book is called “Restoration Agriculture”. It makes so much sense to me. I don’t spend a lot of time whining about what we have done to our environment, or the soil. I just spend my time fixing what I can fix.

As I prepared for yesterday’s “Composting” class, I thought about how easy it has been for me to amend the soil in my backyard. When I moved into this house with Steve, I had a large backyard full of heavy clay soil, and grass. Bermuda-because it is hardy, it grows when nothing else will. After just a few years of making compost, I have soil that is similar to what you may find in the forest. Not just a small garden full. Not just the 800 square feet full either. Even my walkways are spongy; from the mulch, and pine needles that I use to walk on. The thing that makes me feel really, really good is that I did not buy this in a bag.

I have used the deep litter method for my animal pens, and they too are full of life. The floors of the pens wick away the moisture from the rain, but they it also hold the moisture underneath-to nourish the soil, and beneficial microbes that live there.
When-and if-I leave this property, I will feel good knowing that I left it better than I found it.

That made me think, everyone has an area that they can improve. If you have a farm, why don’t you spray your fallow field with whey to increase healthy microbial activity? If you just have a residential lot, why don’t you make compost to improve your lawn? Maybe you just have a flower bed, or a balcony. Maybe you just freeze, and share your kitchen scraps with someone who does.

Everyone can do something to help regenerate the soil where we live. It is not that big of a deal, but together we can make a big difference.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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