There is a Show Girl in My Bunny Barn!

Baby Phatt

Baby Phatt

Do you remember my bunny Baby Phatt? Well yesterday I entered her in a rabbit show and she won a “leg” towards her championship.
She is 12 weeks old and 5.5 lbs of beautiful show girl.

Pretty Show Bunny

Pretty Show Bunny

While I was at the show, I picked up a new California Hybrid doe. We are calling her “Bebe” in keeping with the designer labels. She is 6 1/2 months old and weighs 9.6#. She will be mature at 8 months, so she will grow to be about 11#. Her parents are both champions, and her breeder was hoping that she would be too. At the last minute however, she grew too long in the loin for show. This is not a bad thing for me though.
I will take a picture of her another time. She is in isolation right now. No, she is not being punished. But I do not know what conditions she lived in before. I do not know if she is sick, or has mites. So she will live in a cage-on the other side of the yard-away from my rabbits for a month; until I am convinced that she is healthy.
My rabbits are parasite free, but this girl looks a little like she may have ear mites. So I gave her an injection of ivomec, and dumped some mineral oil into both her ears. Of course, she shook it out. Now it is all over her and she is not ready to pose for a picture.


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