Yup, I am Crazy About Composting

The other day I was talking to a friend about my newest compost pile. She asked “Just how many compost piles do you have?” She had just been to my house, and seen that I had two beds already left to cook. It never occurred to me that other people did not have multiple compost beds.Before I explain what I do, I will explain how composting has been working for so many people-for so many years. 

The most common composting design for a farm is made from reused lumber, or bricks. It has 3 sections with removable boards as a barrier to keep the contents inside the full bin. 

The way to use it; is to fill section one, and water it everyday. Once section one is full, you fork it into section two, while continuing to fill section one. When section 2 is full, you fork it into section 3. By the time all 3 sections are full, you should have “finished” compost in section 3-to use in your garden. 

The following model has a glass top to keep critters out, and to help heat up the bins. Not needed here in the desert.   

Compost Bin


My friends all keep asking the same two questions, why are your plants so healthy? (My soil), so where did you get your soil? (I made it.) Well, me and God made it. I just used his principles.

My backyard was already filled with mineral rich-clay dirt. I just raised my garden beds, and refilled them with layers of grass, leaves, animal manures, dirt and kitchen scraps. It took some time, yes-but the results were  worth it.  I did not have to buy bags of dead stuff off of the shelf.

It has been several years since I did that, and my soil was showing signs of fatique. So this summer, I put the beds to bed-to give them a rest. It is time to wake them up now. So I began by digging out garden bed #1. I can use the soil in other compressed areas of the garden. Once the bed was dug out, I refilled it with layers of my grass, leaves, kitchen scraps, manures, and soil. I over filled it, and topped it with soiled straw from the chickens. Then I left it to cook. 

Compost Bed #1

Compost Bed #1

I will continue to water it, it will shrink , and in 2-3 months; it will have become a happy, healthy place to plant my veggies.

In the meantime….

Emptying Garden bed #2

Emptying Garden bed #2


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Yup, I am Crazy About Composting

  1. Paulette says:

    Thank you for keeping this blog. I learn so much from you. I was wondering what to do with the soiled straw from the duck’s pen. Of course! Compost, and all that poo will go to good use. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. We already compost the yard waste and kitchen scraps. LOL!

    • You are welcome. I am just doing this to have fun. Also remember, this soiled straw will add to the acidity of your compost pile as well. Don’t forget to bring me some choffee samples. I have been thinking about it since you mentioned it. We are going to have fun on Saturday.

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