Sharing the Good News

I cannot get enough of Joel Salatan. Ever since “Food Inc” first came out, I have read his books, I watch his videos, and I practice as much as I can with the backyard that God has given me.

So the other day, I ran across this video.
I have seen it before. But I watched it again, and it really spoke to me.

I showed it to Steve, and he really did show some interest. (yippee!) 

It re-inspired me. So, I had a class to teach today, and shared with my friends the link to watch it. 

I teach a series of 3 classes in my home on Saturdays from 10:00 til 12:00. I teach one of the classes every other Saturday. That leaves me the alternate Saturdays to go yardsaling with Steve. 

The first class is a basic gardening 101 class. “Getting Ready For Your Fall (or Spring) Garden”. The second is my personal favorite “Composting and the Science Behind It”, and the third class is “Vermiposting” It is a short class, so I also give a tutorial on making kombucha tea. I then give each student their own pint jar of tea with a scoby growing in it. (Whatever.)  I will repeat the series over, and over again until no-one wants to listen to me anymore.  If anyone wants me to teach something else, I will.

But the neat thing is, I am finding that people are wanting a gathering like this to come together to share ideas. One lady shared with me the importance of Morenga trees. Another shared some chocolate mint cuttings with the group, and a jar of apricot jam with me. I, of course would not allow anyone to leave without some fig jam or blackberry canes. Awesome! 

I told them all about Joel Salatan’s video, and hope that they will go home and watch it too. Because as Joel says “We all need to do something if we want to continue to enjoy the ABUNDANCE that God created for us.”. Me? I am just sharing the good news, while I am SHARING LIFE’S ABUNDANCE. So…what are you doing?


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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