How to Train a Chicken

How to Train a Chicken

How to Train a Chicken

My animals are well loved pets. I refer to them lovingly as my babies. Though I keep them in a backyard setting, they all have large areas to play. They are kept clean, and they get the better feed. They get daily snacks from the garden, and lots of hugs. Yes, even my chickens.

Like dogs; when paid attention to; the rabbits will come to me to be loved, the chickens will fly up to get on my lap, and the goats will lay on their back to allow for belly rubs.

How does this happen? Like any pet, treats are a good thing. But not too many.
You know that I raise meal worms. Chicken candy. Once a week, I pick up each hen, and check her over. Does she need her wings clipped, does she have any sores, or dry patches? She puts up with this envasion of her privacy because she knows that she will be rewarded after this rude inspection is over. I give her about 20 meal worms for being such a good girl.

Miss Prissy is the special one, she will always be smaller than the rest of the flock. That makes her the most picked on. The sad thing is, she is sweetest of the flock, and will not fight back. She just keeps her distance. To make up for the possibility that she might be lonely, I give her extra attention. She follows me around like a puppy, but I am not fooled. It is not really me that she loves (well, maybe), but I know just what she wants!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to How to Train a Chicken

  1. Tiffany Hawkins says:

    You girls were such good little soldiers today, marching from the goat pen to the other chicken area. I really got a kick out of watching them all waddling in a line.

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