Trying to Be Gluten Free

And peanut free, and corn free, and soy free, and pasturized dairy free.

This has been a real chore for me, because my husband is happy eating the Standard American Diet. He a wonderful husband, we have a lot of fun, and I love cooking for him. He loves the way that I cook. I have been known to spend hours in the kitchen just to make one meal.

Steve loves white bread, pasta, catsup and twinkies. He loves Wheat Chex in the morning, and ice cream at night. He enjoys his beer. He must have a huge bowl of popcorn, and a coke when we watch a movie at night. On the weekends, if I am busy, he will make himself a PB and J with a tall glass of milk. I like him happy, but I want him to stay healthy.

Steve's Favorites

Steve’s Favorites

I am not the food police. I have never liked trying to monitor what someone else eats (my kids will argue that point). It is hard enough keeping my own hands out of the cookie jar, let alone someone else’s.

So I have devised an evil plan. I will buy organic catsup, and make my own dressings. That will eliminate the corn, and soy issue. White bread, and twinkies do not tempt me, so he can keep those (for now). I like eggs for breakfast, so he can keep his Wheat Chex. He can keep his peanut butter. That was a problem for me during the first few days, but not since my love affair with almond butter began. I bring home raw milk from the farm that I volunteer at, and Steve drinks that just fine.

Donna's Choices

Donna’s Choices

For dinners, I have been learning to prepare meals that have more vegetables, meat, and rice instead of dumplings, gravies and corn meal. As long as I set a nice table, and keep him full, he does not notice the change too much. He will still get up, and go get a piece of bread to put on his plate, but that is ok.

On the weekend, we enjoy a cocktail in the evening. He can have his beer, and I will stick to wine. This time of year; pinot noir -thank you.

No one is perfect-I have to grit my teeth when he fixes himself a big bowl of Rocky Road. But if I really have too-I can reach for some very dark chocolate, or some So Delicious ice cream. 
I can see that this is going to take some time, but I hope to convert him gently, and ever so slowly.

The improvement that I feel in my body, is worth all the extra work. Oh and by the way; so is Steve.

We are gonna be just fine.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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