Drastic Measures

My Living Arsenal

My Living Arsenal

My butternut squash plant has blessed me with so many wonderful squash fruits. I will be making lots of yummy soup again this year. But I went outside this morning, and was greeted by a nightmarish site (well, at least to me). Several of the squash leaves had about 20 squash bugs on them. Yuck! That is enough to make even an organic veggie gardener reach for a bug bomb!
After I got over the gut wrenching site, I went to my arsenal, and pulled out—–the chickens.Normally the site of the chickens running free in my garden, sends warning signals to my brain. But remember, I had put the beds to bed, and the plants that I have are volunteers. The grapes are not fruiting, so there is really nothing out there that they can hurt. They will dislodge my drip lines, but so will I in a couple of weeks; when I begin to plant.

So, ladies have at it. Scratch, play, hunt, and frolic. They will tear up some of that squash plant, but the bugs will eventually kill it anyway. So, why not. (hooray for free chicken food!).

Post Chicken Dinner

Post Chicken Dinner

One squash plant has given me 12 fruit on the counter, and there are about 4 more out there to bring in.

The hens are still not sure if I am going to start chasing them around with a broom. They actually all marched back into their pen right after I took this picture.

Are We in Trouble?

Are We in Trouble?



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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