July Pantry Report.

Gracie's Carrots

Gracie’s Carrots

I was sitting here finished with this post, wondering what picture I would use to draw your eye to what I had to say. This email came from Steve’s daughter Mindy just now. She is the mommy of Gracie. We have been trying to encourage any of our 7 children to garden. Looks like it is a trait that skips a generation. So there is my inspiration for my July pantry report. Maybe this post will encourage Gracie to grow more veggies. Maybe I will put pictures of any of our family members who grow something. Ok family..ready, set, grow!! 

Looking back over my posts for July, I realized that I did not spend alot of time talking about what I am currently harvesting. That is because this is the year that I decided to let the beds sleep. I put the beds to bed, and wanted to give them time to recover from all the intensive gardening that I have been doing here the last 5 years.
Even with that, I had plenty to do in my kitchen. I bartered my work for raw milk, I kept a kombucha scoby going for a gallon of kombucha tea every week. I kept water keifer going for 3 qrts of water keifer a week. I kept a sourdough starter alive in order to make 2 loaves of sourdough bread every week. I kept dairy keifer grains going to make the raw milk keifer that I put in my breakfast smoothies. Not to be outdone, my 5 hens produced 75 eggs this month.
I bought high quality cherries, and apricots at huge discounts for eating fresh, and freezing. I have harvested tomatillos, and peppers from volunteer plants. I really did not intend to have anything to harvest this month. Not bad.
I thawed, and canned the tomatoes, to leave room in the freezer for the all figs that I collected. We will make jam next month.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to July Pantry Report.

  1. Talley says:

    I have to add that Gracie grew those all by herself! She couldn’t even wait for her mommy to plant them. She just pokes the seeds in the soil and started watering them! We are going to plant jack o lantern pumpkins 🙂

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