Chicken Broth-or Emptying the Freezer Episode #2

Frozen Chicken Stock

Frozen Chicken Stock

Most soups will call for water in the recipe. I like to use broth. Chicken broth is appropriate for more recipes than beef broth is. I do keep beef neck, and knuckle bones in the freezer to make beef broth just in case.
There have been times that I have raised some broilers, in co-operation with others, to ensure that I was getting true-organic-pastured chickens. I also buy whole-organic-pastured chicken meat when it is on sale, or in bulk through a co-op. I take them home, and cut them up into the appropriate pieces. I put all the wings in one bag, to make chicken wings like Alton Brown. I keep all the thighs together, to roast them seasoned on a sheet tray (the skin is crispy and yummy!). The drums are for fried chicken, and the breasts are for cutlets, or stir fry. But the back, neck and ribs are the part that I like to freeze separate for broth making.
While shifting packages around in the freezer, I found several ziplock bags marked “For Chicken Broth”. My favorite recipe comes from Ina Garten; it is a big recipe, but I have a big pot, and I can make 6 quarts all at once. I will pick what little meat is on the bones, and strain out the veggies. I toss the bones back into the pot with just a little apple cider vineger. This will help leach the minerals out of the bones, and into the broth. The resulting broth is tasty enough to drink all by itself; and I do. But I also put some of the jars back into the freezer. When I am ready to make a pot of beans, or a veggie soup; I have the broth on hand.

Don’t let those two lonely jars fool you. I have 4 more just like them in the freezer. I like to keep about 6 quarts on hand.  For those of you who would rather can; chicken broth can be canned in a pressure canner. I just ran out of time today, so I did not get them canned.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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One Response to Chicken Broth-or Emptying the Freezer Episode #2

  1. AR says:

    Hi Donna, I really love reading your blog. One question I have is regarding your freezing of cream to later make butter? I am wondering if your cream is not sort of clumpy when you unthaw to make butter. I have found that milk is rather gross when unthawed and as much as I love raw milk I cannot stand to drink it if it has been frozen. It almost seems that the fat and liquid do not mix together. I would think cream would act the same and it would not make a nice smooth butter

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