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It seems that God has seen fit to bring many people into my life that deal with chronic depression. Cloudy weather seems to bring that out in some of them. Though I have no time, or patience for it in my life, I am very compassionate to those that do suffer with it.
I understand that there is a difference between periods of sadness, and chronic depression. I actually was married once to a man that suffered with it. It really takes its toll on a relationship, and leaves a huge mark on the children.
So here are my thoughts…
First of all, I love these people, they are deep thinkers, and feelers. So am I. Well, maybe the feeler part, more than the other. But what I have found of first importance is diet, water, excercise and sleep. Just knowing that you are doing the best for your body is a victory. I actually find that if I am not sleeping well, or going to the gym regularly, I feel…I don’t know..just a little off.

Secondly think about what makes you happy. I mean little things, are you a giver, then give. If you are a spender; don’t go there-it will not make you happy. Are you a hobbiest; then hobby. Take pictures, write a blog; even if you do not know what you are doing (like me), make someone smile.
Thirdly, and most important; find someone that is less fortunate than you, and lose yourself in helping them.

More Hugs

More Hugs

I have two stories.

#1 My mom has had a really tough time since my dad died. Then her older friends started dying. She lives alone in a little trailer in Tucson. She is like me, and needs to be busy. But at 78 years old, others do not put much stalk in her abilities. She really does not have any hobbies, but she loves animals. So, there is a small farm that I volunteer my time at once a week, and will begin teaching gardening classes there. I noticed that the couple that owns the farm is tied down way too much and cannot seem to get away from it, even for a weekend. So I talked to the owners, and made arrangements for my mom to come to learn how to take care of the animals, so that they can go on weekend “dates”. My mom is so excited, and speaks of nothing else right now.
Think about it, not only is mom feeling needed, and able to do something that really does it for her-but Mr and Mrs. “Farmer” can get away to enrich their relationship, and find some “happy” for themselves. Yay! Oh-and because I was part of that, I get to be happy too.

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

#2 I know a woman who is probably close to 80; who is still recovering from a childhood that contains unspeakable things. Who knows the horrors that poor woman still sees in her mind. Here is how she deals with it. She is a giver. She volunteers at soup kitchens, and pantrys. But I also discovered that she makes wonderful baby quilts, and gives them away. She is very humble about it, and tells me that she does it “the lazy way”, because she is lazy (I don’t think so!). I asked if she would mentor me. She taught me how to make these lovely quilts in one afternoon. She told me that I was the first to ever ask her. That saddens me. There is so much knowledge with our seniors. Now there, is a place that we can all give. So what-let them tell you their stories over and over. You might just hear the cry in their voice, they need a to be needed too. Maybe you will be the one to help them find a place to serve. That my friend is guaranteed to make you happy.

So sing a song, find your happy, and help someone else find theirs.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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