Canning Tomatoes, or Emptying the Freezer- Episode #1

Cooking Tomatoes

Cooking Tomatoes

Before we get started, let me begin by saying that canning is not my number 1 choice for preserving tomatoes. We eat alot of fresh tomatoes, I cook with fresh, I juice them, and I make sundried tomatoes.  I try to get all the lovely, living enzymes that eating fresh provides.

Something else you will learn about my canning. I only use recipes approved by the Ball Blue Book of canning or a university site. I love to can, but I also took Microbiology and understand what a demon botulism is.

There are only so many tomatoes you can use though, and I forget that at planting time. So many beautiful plants. I always plant extra (just incase). 

So, when a fresh tomato show signs of getting soft, I cut the stem end out, and toss it in the freezer.  Yes, whole. I put the frozen tomatoes in a  gallon ziplock bag. I like to have one full bag in the freezer, but today I find myself with 4. So out comes 3. Today. 

Pressure/water bath canner

Pressure/water bath canner

I put the whole, frozen tomatoes into a pot to thaw, and wash (and sterilize) my pint jars. My canner is a  presto pressure canner. But it also doubles as a water bath canner. Since tomatoes are high acid, they can be canned in a water bath.  

Please take note that I cooked, and mashed the tomatoes; seeds, peels and all. I also add  citric acid. Tomatoes are acidic already , but I want to play this safely

8 Pints of Tomatoes

8 Pints of Tomatoes

What I ended up with are 8 lovely pint jars to move to my canning shelf, and more room in the freezer.

P.S. When I use these pints, I can add other ingredients to make soups or sauces at that time.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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