Baby Phat is My New Show Bunny

Baby Phat at 3 weeks old

Baby Phat at 3 weeks old

I name my rabbits designer labels. It started as a joke. Steve’s former wife was all about designer labels. So when we started dating, he told me that he was  going to spoil me so rotten that no one else would have me. (Love, love, love him!). So he tried to impress me by purchasing high dollar perfume, jewelry, and designer brand purses. Most of my friends know me well enough that I do not require that stuff. Nice but certainly not necessary. Ok the jewelry is a good one, but take me to church, love my kids, and let me keep a backyard farm. Those are what does it for me. He is a quick learner, and does all three. He has accepted my kids as his own, easy enough, he has 5 already (what is two more?). Sorry, I got off track. 

So I started naming my rabbits designer names. This little girl is held, and snuggled every day. I make Steve hold her while he is watching baseball, football, little cars going in circles on a silly track all day, or men with long beards talking about duck callers. (Whatever). I will post again about her when she is old enough to show so that you can cheer her on in her efforts on the show table.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Baby Phat is My New Show Bunny

  1. well minded says:

    Baby Phat is adorable! And I am so, so happy that you’ve finally started a blog!

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