Apricots in July

I ordered a box of apricots

I ordered a box of apricots

 The farm that I ordered from says that they were unsprayed. We are eating them fresh. They are some of the juiciest, yummiest peaches that I have ever had. They are dwindling fast. But, I do not want to waste one bit of their natural goodness. 

I still have some apricot preserves, and butters that I canned last year, so this year (yep, you guessed it). Into the freezer with them.

First I made a gluten-free apricot cobbler. (This is a new recipe, so I will post the recipe after I have tried it.) While it is in the oven, I started processing the apricots. Here is how I do it.

Most people  peel, and freeze them covered in a sugar syrup. Not me. I wash them, slice 5 or 6 to make two cups (unpeeled equals more fiber) and put them in a BPA free plastic freezer container. 

5 or 6 makes two cups

5 or 6 makes two cups

Then I make a lemon water with 2 Tblsp. of lemon juice to 2 cups water to cover.  To keep the tips from sticking out of the liquid, and turning brown; I place a paper towel on top of the fruit. This will freeze against the liquid, and keep the fruit submerged. Thawing will be a snap. Just peel the paper towel off as it thaws.

Paper towel to hold the fruit under

  I put the lids on, and freeze. My recipes call for two cup increments, so I know just how many containers to pull out to thaw.

Ready for the freezer

Ready for the freezer

I smell the cobber, it is almost ready. Steve just walked in (hmm, bake a dessert and a man shows up), so I need to go now. Bye!


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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