Figs For My Friends

One days harvest of figs

One days harvest of figs

One of the many people that I share life’s abundance with has a fig tree in her backyard.

Last year, she asked if I would glean the figs from her small tree while she was gone for a few days. Guess what my answer was. So, I went to her house everyday for the time that she was gone, and picked the figs. Then I dehydrated some, and made jam. Later, I used the jam to make Fig Newton type cookies. 

She is now retired, and has decided to go away for several weeks. She has once again left her little tree in my capable hands. So, I shall tell you the little that I know about figs. She thinks that this fig tree is called a Kadota.  It is a green fig that goes creamy yellow when ripe. 

When I arrived, I thought “my have you grown little tree!” It is now about 7 ft tall and 7 ft wide. It has not been trimmed, so it is more like a big round bush. These figs are funny. There is about a 24 hour window between unripe, and fermented. Believe me, you do not want to eat them fermented! So, I needed to drive out there every day. It is a 12 mile round trip. 

So why do I do it? It is not that I grew up as a poor starving child; so now I am a food hoarder.  It is because I have a gardener’s heart. I know the magic that happens when a seed becomes a plant that we can eat. I am in awe of a flower that is pollinated, and then becomes a piece of fruit, that can be shared to nourish our bodies.  I like being a part of that chain.  So for the last two weeks. I have been harvesting what amounts to a gallon ziplock bag full of figs everyday. Steve/myself, and anyone who happens to be at my house eat fresh figs everyday, and then I freeze the rest. My freezers do look like a hoarder lives here. But here is even more magic. When the fig tree dries up (in another week-I hope), and I have some time in my kitchen, I will pull those figs out of the freezer. We (who-ever-wants to come help) will bring the canner down to the kitchen. We will make fig jams to share. Last year, for the holidays, I served fig jam with goat cheese, and crackers. Oh my!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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