Pork chops and applesauce.



Anna left and Dorsett right

Anna left and Dorsett right

Remember that line from the Brady Bunch?
Why do people pair pork and apples. Well, number 1 it tastes good.
But there is another reason.
In most places of the country apples are ripe when pork is harvested. In the fall. Not so in the desert.

Amazingly we do have apple trees that really do produce! Who would have though that!
But the time to harvest apples in the desert is in June. Sorry, we cannot use the old excuse that we need to bake a fresh apple pie to warm up the cold house. I am actually considering putting a stove on the back porch to cook with to keep the air conditioning bills down.

We do have two varieties of apples that do well here.
The Anna and the Golden Dorset, they both flower in January, so they make great partners. They require less chill hours than other varieties, so they are great for the desert. They are not self-pollinating, so it is best to have at least one of each. If you only wanted one, maybe your neighbor would agree to grow the other. Then you would both have apples. You could share, and end up with ½ of the harvest of two different kinds.
But they will all be a golden color.

Anna was developed in Isreal for warm climates (less than 300 chill hours). If you thin out the fruit on the tree, the fruit will be large and look like a golden delicious, you may even see a slight blush of pink to the skin. It is the larger and the more tart of the two apples. You can eat it fresh, but it is great for cooking and will not get mushy like the Dorsett.
Golden Dorsett was developed in the Bahamas for warm climates. Although the fruit comes from Golden Delicious heritage, it is the smaller of the two apples. It is sweeter than Anna, and used for eating fresh. It can be used for cooking too, but will become mushy.
Knowing this, I freeze or can only Anna slices. I use both for eating fresh. I dehydrate both. I use both for applesauce, apple butter, and fruit leather.

Apples taking a bath

Apples taking a bath

Cut up apples

Cut up apples

I also can my applesauce, so that in the fall when pork is the cheapest; we can have pork chops and applesauce.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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