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All Tomatoes are not Created Equal

All Tomatoes are not Created Equal

Tomatoes (and a couple of peppers).
I have lots of tomatoes and lots of different kinds. The Husky Cherry does the best of all of them in the heat. They are a large cherry tomato full of flavor. I keep a bowl full of them on the counter so that my handsome husband remembers to eat them.
The medium sized tomatoes do well also. The large sized and heirloom tomatoes are better planted in the fall. UNLESS…you have an aquaponics greenhouse. I work with a farmer who does. She planted two plants in a cut down 55 gallon barrel and put it in her green house. I was skeptical. But I was over there the other day and those tomato plants are now 3 ft in diameter and she finally had to cut the top off at about 7 ft tall. It is beautiful and green, but the best part was it was full of Brandywine tomatoes. It looked like a Christmas tree! I kept my hands to myself and allowed her to pick the tomatoes. She did grow them after all.
Note to self. I need to work an aquaponics greenhouse into the plans of my future farm.
Anyway, I do have tomatoes. Some days too many for us to eat, but not enough to can. I do not want them to go bad So what do I do? Just about the time that they get really mushy, I wash them, stem them- and lay them whole on a cookie sheet to freeze them. Once frozen, I pop them into a zip top bag to keep in the freezer. Soon it will be too hot for the blossoms to stay on the plant. During that intermission, I have frozen tomatoes to put into stews, or to cook down into sauce or ketchup.
If I baby those tomato plants and keep them alive through the summer, I will get a second crop in the fall. But I will plant some heirloom plants in the fall as well. That is when I get MY Brandywines.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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