Too Many Tomatoes? Never!

The tomatoes are producing like crazy! I will not waste a drop of that deliciousness! I pick bowlfuls everyday and leave them on the counter to remind us to graze. When people come to visit, they leave with a tomato, a zucchini and a beet. My daughter Mandy, who does not consider herself a cook, has actually come up with some recipes for the fresh veggies that I give her. She is excited about becoming part of the fresh organic healthy thing.

When the tomatoes on the counter are a couple of days old, I make a big batch of tomato soup to make room for the new tomatoes. I freeze the soup in individual freezer bowls. One day the tomato plants will have fulfilled their lovely tomato producing destiny and end up in the compost pile. We can then thaw out our soup and add goat milk, cheese or yogurt and (yes I did say Goat) savor the flavor of early summer in the desert.

So I know, you are going back to the goat thing. I know, we do live in an HOA and will never have a goat in our backyard. But there are people in the valley who raise dairy goats and are willing to barter. I love to barter. If you can find one and have a service to offer, you too can have goat’s milk, cheese or yogurt. You cannot purchase it, but it is out there for you to discover what you might do in exchange. It is like a treasure hunt.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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