Roman Tufted Geese

Roman Tufted Geese

I have several farm friends that I like to visit. I help them with their gardens, or share my life’s abundance with them. One of my favorite farm friends told me that she had bought some baby geese. Well, I waited too long to go and visit; so now they are almost adults.

Why geese? Well, why not. But here is the why. They love to eat grass and fallen orchard fruit. So you could put a few in your orchard, they will eat the fallen fruit, keep the lawn mowed and fertilize the orchard as well. 

Last year, I had a farmer friend who had some of these geese and they were not friendly. She would tell me that I would have to watch out or they would bite me. So when these six young ones came running at me with their necks stretched out toward me, I felt like running. Right-me run? Not without my chiropractor’s permission! My farmer friend told me that they were just wanting to check me out. 

I must say that they were the most affectionate geese that I have ever played with. Why does that suprize me? That particular lady farmer has the most affectionate goats, chickens, donkey and now geese that I have ever met. Either there is somethingt in her water, or she is truly an animal lover.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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