Somebody is having babies around here

Praying mantis egg sac

Praying mantis egg sac

I know, it looks like a snail. It is hard, yet delicate. You can tap on it and it sounds like a shell, but it will easily crush so, be careful.

Every March, I go to the nursery and buy a little cardboard container that has 2 of these egg sacs. Each sac can hold about 200 babies.

I keep each one in a canning jar on the counter with a sprouting lid on it and wait. After a couple  of weeks something fun happens. When I take my daily peek at the jar, I am greeted with the site of so many baby praying manti. I then wait until night fall to spread them through out the garden. I figure that helps the chances that some will live to reach adulthood and fall in love.

Occaisionally, Steve will be outside watering and bring in a 4 inch praying mantis from the garden. They are so funny. I squeel with delight and the praying mantis looks at me and then at Steve as if to say “isn’t she silly?”

But today I found this evidence that someone has indeed fallen in love and has laid some eggs. Maybe, I will not have to buy anymore egg sacs.


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