Quilting in March

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

So, I am quilting again. I have a friend who said to me, you are taking perfectly good material, cutting it up, and sewing it back together. That is alot of work! Why don’t you just use a piece of pretty printed material, and tie two pieces together to make a blanket?
My answer? I love to quilt. But this is not how quilting started.
Can you just see it? Some house wife; patching up the clothes until the patches had patches. She also made those clothes, so she had saved the scraps of material that were left over. When the scraps were too small to make something else, and the clothes could no longer be patched, She ripped the seams out of the clothes to use as quilt pieces. For batting, she used an old thread bare quilt that could no longer be used to keep warm with. The result may not have been the work of art that we see at quilt shows today, but it kept her family warm on a cold night. Those were the crazy quilts that the children could look back at, and remember the dresses, and shirts that went into the quilt.
Today, although we still make quilts out of old clothes sometimes, most of us are fortunate enough to be able to purchase materials in colors, and patterns that get our creative juices flowing. That is what I have been doing.
I find alot of my materials at yardsales. But I do spend alot of time at the fabric store. I am on a mailing list, so I get coupons. That is when I do my shopping.
Currently, I am making an Irish Chain quilt from baby flannel. I sewed the squares together with my sewing machine, and am hand quilting the top to the bottom. There is no batting inbetween because the two thicknesses of flannel make a light wrap for the baby. I will hand stitch hearts in the white squares.


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