Princess Ping Pong

Siamese Satin Doe

Siamese Satin Doe

This is a picture of Princess Ping Pong (PPP) when she first came to me. I loved her coloring, and the way that her hair caught the light. She weighed ten and a half  pounds, and had nine kits (baby bunnies) in her first litter. Unfortunately, she did not make a nice nest for them , and it was very cold outside. So I put them in a storage tote, and made a nest for them in the house. I brought PPP in 3 times a day to feed them. Just so you know, a doe feeds her babies for only 5 minutes twice a day. She hops in the nest, and whichever kits grabs on wins. When she thinks that the time is up, she jumps out of the nest box. If someone did not get fed, too bad. Survival of the first to the table. I find that sad.

Oh well, at least for that litter, I had control over that issue. I brought PPP in, and put her in the tote with the babies for an hour. This way everyone got a turn at the table.

In a Tote, in the House

In a Tote, in the House

When the hour was up, I checked the bellies of the babies. If they had all been fed, then momma went back out to her cage to get a break.

Nine beautiful Babies

Nine beautiful Babies

On day 3, a friend,who also raises rabbits, brought me a baby that was about the same age. It’s mother had 8 babies and was not feeding this one. So, I agreed to foster it. PPP fed the baby, and I would keep it with the others. No problem telling the difference. It is a California baby. See if you can tell who the foster child was?

Ping Pong's Foster Child

Ping Pong’s Foster Child


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